Frequently asked questions

What is the need of the Blockchain Press Release?

The blockchain ecosystem needs more professional services that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. So we made one. We believe blockchain is an emerging fundamentally disruptive technology which has the potential to revolutionize society, culture, and finance to the same degree as the creation of the Internet itself.We are passionate about blockchain and genuinely enjoy blasting the word out into the mainstream about innovative and exciting blockchain endeavours, through ICO token listing, reviews and much more.

What is the significance of ICO marketing?

ICO marketing is important to convince prospective investors about the efficacy and viability of the project to be funded by presenting them with a white paper, detailing all the important milestones, dates and benefits that are likely to accrue to investors from the project.

What is the importance of Community and Social Media Management for ICO’s?

Social media management and cryptocurrency communities are massively important to the success of an ICO. The crypto community is knowledgeable, vast, and expanding and must be tapped into in order to get the results you want for your ICO. For projects aiming to raise funds through an ICO, social media offers a cost-effective yet highly powerful way to maximize reach, while keeping investors updated on the progress being made on the project.

What are bounty programs in ICO campaigns?

Bounties refer to small rewards given to individuals who promote the ICO on their social media profiles or pages, cryptocurrency communities or other groups. During the bounty program, the ICOs provide compensation for a number of tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting or even improving aspects of the cryptocurrency framework