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Cryptocurrency is still such a new industry that many of the marketing tactics for other industries just don’t work for it. For instance, when looking at an ICO, a company cannot expect to effectively rank their keywords in a timely enough fashion to get any desired result.

We have more than 1 year involvement in Blockchain marketing specifically: leveraging our special ability, organizations and experience. We present to you the most refined, compelling, and esteem for cash Blockchain advertising and Blockchain PR administration to be found. We are exceptionally amped up for cryptographic forms of money and we trust this remarkable decentralized cash is what's to come.

Blockchain PR Buzz believes we are witnessing the birth of a highly disruptive technology which will have the same degree of social, cultural and technological impact as the emergence of the internet itself. Blockchain PR Buzz's central goal is basic: to help in the dispersion and appropriation of Crypto-currencies as the emanant decentralized money of the 21st Century through offering massive PR services for crypto-currencies ventures, geared at generating massive exposure for your unique project, business, or concept.

Key Features

Faith and Trust
Team work
Strategic Approach

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“We were trying to get direct leads from our website. This area has grown tenfold since working with BlockChainPRBuzz.”

Steve- Director of Marketing

“BlockChainPRBuzz has done a great job at working with us through all issues, continuing to drive leads while we were launching a new site. Their content leads to massive traffic directing to our site.”


“Our organic traffic has increased by 95% compared to the previous quarter with the help of BlockChainPRBuzz. We were able to create a proof of concept for our landing page, and a whole new tracking system.”





Video review will be done by our blockchain expert. Our Video blogger uses news, current events or creative stories to create buzz in the public.

ICO Listing

We help various ICO’s in getting listed on popular listing platforms and help them in getting good reviews and we also make sure that the ICO should trend among the popular ICO’s at several platforms.

Reputation Management

With a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction, we take care of your reputation management, researching thoroughly through trusted websites before taking any action, seeking advice from more than ten sources on an average – it pays to make sure what the users find is favourable to your brand. We just don’t build your website, we build the brand and establish your presence on the internet.

Community Management

Community management is the management of a common resource or issue by a community through the collective action of volunteers and stakeholders. The resource managed can be either material or informational. We will manage your all the communities related to ICO like telegram, slack, bitcointalk, reddit, steemit, etc.

Paid Promotion/Display Campaigns

We all know when we need to get instant results in less time, paid ads are one of the best
source to achieve the business goals asap. So here we’ll do paid promotion for your ICO using
above ad networks to reach maximum audiences in your given tim

Bitcointalk.org Announcements/Bounty and Reddit

Awareness in an active community is one of the best ways to get your product bragged about in a jiffy at scale. BitcoinTalk.org is hub for all altcoin traders/users, we will spread awareness about your ICO among all such communities.

PR (Publishing on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc.)

Nothing uplifts you more, when established editorials brag about your ICO on their well renowned platform. We reach directly to the editors of some of the most prestigious magazines/blogs of the time.

Social Media

Social media is the key player when it comes to branding in today’s era. We provide you with full stack support in regards with social media marketing ranging from smallest post to high quality content in order to boost up the public awareness about your ICO.


Think of a messaging platform as the language-centered companion to your ICO’s style guide. Just as the style guide lays out the do’s and don’ts of colors, logo usage and imagery, the language platform spells out which messages take the lead, which play supporting roles, and which phrases and descriptors are passé or taboo.

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