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In order to create a brand image, it is very crucial that the world knows about your presence. PRs are one of the major sources to do this. We can provide worldwide PR services on traditional media platforms to create Brand Awareness. Also, if required, we can also provide region based PR services

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the place to reach out to maximum number of active as well as potential users/investors. We provide value Social Media Marketing on Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; VK; WeChat etc.

Community Management

The growth of any avenue or venture in this world is dependent upon its community and this community should be managed in the righteous manner. We provide for community management on Telegram, Bitcointalk, Bounty etc.

Paid Campaigns

Paid Campaigns are proven accelerators in the growth of any business. They make you reach your target market with accuracy and highest possible speed. We also have provisions for paid campaigns on Google AdWords; Yandex; Baidu; Bing etc.

Influencer Marketing

There is a reason why Influencers are called ‘Influencers’; they have influence over people and in your case potential customers. Period. We provide influencer marketing on Telegram; Twitter; Instagram etc.


You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to make a whole lot of noise. Spread the word about your ICO without compromising on quality. Our Silver Package is invented to fit the requirement of ICOs that need just the right start.



All that glitters may not be gold, however our Gold Package is nothing short of its name. Here’s offering that extra bit to highlight your ICO to its optimum potential.



There is a time for silence, and there is a time for noise. The Platinum Package is all about booming the Ecosystem with information regarding your ICO. Reach out to the maximum audience and let them know all about your ICO.

About us

Blockchain Technology is going to be the fourth Industrial Revolution.

With most of the established businesses embracing this technology, it has been amplified to a level where new businesses are making it a tool for innovation and standing out in this highly competitive world.

We, at Blockchain PR Buzz, help such young ideas and businesses to build upon their dreams by making it cognizable to the target market as well as maintaining its reputation among all the stakeholders.

Our specialties include growth hacking and targeting effective audience throughout the ICO process which is crucial to a successful crowdfund.


Why Choose us?

Data Security

First of all, Blockchain PR Buzz understands how necessary user security is on the deep web, and we constantly go all-out to make sure the ecosystem remains firmly protected from malware and other unwelcome agencies attempting to cause harm.

Brand Creation and Management

We don’t just offer digital marketing, but in fact an affordable and simple consultation package to guide you, and your business through a long term digital growth strategy. We unpack who you are, where you want to go and why.

Growth Dependability

We assure the exposure you deserve for your innovations through our marketing services and conduct generous research on assets and use our search experience and development expertise to lead your digital growth, proceeding with a plan that makes sense for you, your brand, and your aspirations.

Insight Expertise

We are proud to spend every day at work and play increasing awareness to the many intricacies and advantages offered by these innovations. Beyond analytics and insights, we’ve got the blueprint to help generate results for your business. In short, we get the right people talking about you.

Our Team

Jatin Madhra
Raghav Sawhney
Varun Kunal Rajvanshi
Chief Operations Manager &
Parnika Singhal
Relationship Manager
Mayank Singh
Client Acquisition Head
Mohammad Danish
Head Web Developer
Gaurav Nagar

Chief PR &
Service Manager
Bhavna Kashyap
Head Of Graphics &
UI Designer
Gaurav Verma
Associate Service Manager
PR Account Manager
Deepak Yadav
PR Strategic Advisor

Frequently asked questions

The blockchain ecosystem needs more professional services that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. So we made one. We believe blockchain is an emerging fundamentally disruptive technology which has the potential to revolutionize society, culture, and finance to the same degree as the creation of the Internet itself.We are passionate about blockchain and genuinely enjoy blasting the word out into the mainstream about innovative and exciting blockchain endeavours, through ICO token listing, reviews and much more.

ICO marketing is important to convince prospective investors about the efficacy and viability of the project to be funded by presenting them with a white paper, detailing all the important milestones, dates and benefits that are likely to accrue to investors from the project.

Social media management and cryptocurrency communities are massively important to the success of an ICO. The crypto community is knowledgeable, vast, and expanding and must be tapped into in order to get the results you want for your ICO. For projects aiming to raise funds through an ICO, social media offers a cost-effective yet highly powerful way to maximize reach, while keeping investors updated on the progress being made on the project.

Bounties refer to small rewards given to individuals who promote the ICO on their social media profiles or pages, cryptocurrency communities or other groups. During the bounty program, the ICOs provide compensation for a number of tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting or even improving aspects of the cryptocurrency framework

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